Roboto font not recommended for print use

Last week, members of the Prisma team encountered an issue with a font called Roboto that caused delays in the printing process. Roboto was created by Google and released with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. It is a sans serif font that is the default font on many Google applications, including Google+ and Google Maps. While it is a free font available for download, it was created for screen display, particularly for mobile phones.

The problem encountered by Prisma stems from that fact that Roboto is a protected font and does not allow ripping or output. The Prisma team was able to develop a workaround, but the problem can lead to delays in printing. Prisma recommends that Roboto and all protected fonts not be used for any items or materials intended for printing. If you are currently using the Roboto font, please speak to your account executive or Prisma representative to discuss alternative options.

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