B2b marketing

Insights and trends for B2B marketing in 2014


Prisma Director of Strategy and Communications Sandy Mattson introduces the BMA panel.

In January, the Business Marketing Association of Arizona gathered marketers together to ask the question: What will business-to-business marketing look like in 2014? A panel of experts at the Prisma-sponsored event discussed...

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Tame your marketing budget

If there’s one thing the economy has taught us, it’s how to do more with less. As the 2000s came to an end, so did carefree spending and “the sky’s the limit” motto shared by so many companies. We were all suddenly grounded, and while finding the silver lining has been difficult for some, others have thrived after...

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DokShop: Creative marketing solutions

Prisma Graphic’s Marketing & eCommerce Director, Rob Steele, recently returned from the American Banking Association’s (ABA) Marketing Conference in Minneapolis where he joined Sherri May & Co. (SMC). In a combined effort they presented creative-ready, customizable marketing products, through Prisma’s online ordering...

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DokShop: Innovative & liberating

Today's economic climate has changed the way businesses operate. Strategically, businesses have asked key employees to wear many hats and go over and above the call of duty.

Gone are the days of large internal marketing departments. Gone are the days of large communications departments. The corporate Mar/Com...

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Prisma Graphic utilizes web-to-print technology

According to Wikipedia: Web-to-print, also known as Web2Print or remote publishing, is a commercial prepress process that bridges the gap between digital content online and commercial print production. This process allows a print house, a client, and possibly a graphic designer to create, edit, and approve...

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Web-to-print marketing material from customized portals: Anytime, anywhere, accurately

Powerful web-to-print marketing solutions are revolutionizing marketing efficiency and accountability. Around-the-clock access to pre-approved corporate collateral enables customers, franchisees and sales teams to have immediate access to the tools they need to create successful marketing campaigns quickly, easily and...

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