Proposed USPS pricing change

On January 26th, the US Postal Service filed a pricing change with the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC). This means that the post office wants to increase postage in many different categories.

Some key elements of the pricing proposal include:

  • An overall 3.4 percent price increase
  • No price increase in domestic...
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Go behind the scenes with US Airways

After its merger with American Airlines, US Airways became the largest airline in the world. The corporation serves 198 destinations around the world and supports a loyalty program with multiple levels of membership and privileges. Following the merger, US Airways asked Prisma to assist with refreshing its vast...

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Multichannel marketing campaigns: Direct mail


Multichannel marketing campaigns are effective in reaching clients and improving sales when executed effectively. As an important marketing channel, direct mail has some distinct advantages in multichannel marketing campaigns. Below are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your direct mail in a...

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Learn the latest SEO tactics for 2013


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Direct mail: Envelopes matter

At Prisma Graphic digital printing company, we enjoy making sure our products exceed client expectations, starting with our packaging.

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Intelligent inserting expands Prisma’s digital printing capabilities

Before your direct mail is printed, packaged, and delivered promptly to your customers, Prisma Graphic digital printing company perfects each parcel using highly advanced technology called Intelligent Inserting.

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Our digital print company advances the technology behind direct mail

Trendy marketing strategies always seem to have a rather short lifespan. Prisma Graphic, a veteran digital print company, has watched these marketing schemes come and go through the years, investing in various marketing platforms which many digital printing companies cannot offer. We’ve witnessed a select few...

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Tame your marketing budget

If there’s one thing the economy has taught us, it’s how to do more with less. As the 2000s came to an end, so did carefree spending and “the sky’s the limit” motto shared by so many companies. We were all suddenly grounded, and while finding the silver lining has been difficult for some, others have thrived after...

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Expanded direct marketing services

Since Prisma's acquisition of World Marketing - Phoenix in November of 2010, we have never been better set up to be your turnkey source for all things direct marketing.

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