Direct mail

Why pay-per-click direct mail enhancements don’t efficiently maximize your marketing budget

Prisma’s DM360 digital direct mail enhancement platform bundles multi-channel marketing on a per piece pricing structure.

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Top 10 Ways to Increase Direct Mail Results

Every great message needs the right audience to succeed. Consumers expect advertisements of every medium – especially those going to their homes – to be hand-picked for them, and highly relevant. By catering your campaign down to the household, you’ll find success reflected in your ROI.

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Unplannedemic: How to pivot successfully and grow your business in spite of a pandemic

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This adage has never been more relevant than now. 

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13 Statistics About Direct Mail That Will Surprise You

Direct mail is one of the largest channels for ad spend in the United States at $44.2 billion annually. In fact, it’s only second behind teleservices, according to the Direct Marketing Association.

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One-to-One Marketing Campaigns

The Power of One-to-One Marketing with Variable Data Printing

Personalized marketing has been proven to work. And it doesn’t just work, it actually can increase overall consumer spending up to 500%.

With such a big number, why don’t more businesses take this approach?

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6 Steps to Resonate With Your Customers at Home

How to Run a Successful Direct Mail Marketing Campaign in 2020

In today’s environment, it's sometimes hard to determine the best way to reach out to an existing or potential client.  Companies are throwing out response data, ROI, and different channels of communication you should be using.

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How to implement a successful marketing campaign

When you’re looking to create a successful marketing campaign to attract new clients or boost sales, consider pairing a direct mail campaign with a cutting edge print strategy.

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Accelerate your business strategy

Last week, we discussed different ways to tame your marketing budget. Another vital component to develop your marketing strategy is to adhere to solutions-oriented business tactics. Rather than focusing on the problem, it's time to shift your focus to the solution. You’ll reach goals faster and your decision-making...

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Direct marketing in 2011

Direct marketing is constantly evolving. And, as technology advances and audiences grow savvier, the direct marketing and direct mail strategies of the past may not work as well.

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