The basics of InDesign's Control Palette for commercial printing

Commercial printing publishers, graphic designers and casual users alike have reason to celebrate Adobe's InDesign software for its customizability and robustness of functionality. Knowing how it differs from other commonly used web to print publishing software is essential to getting the full use out of this...

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The basics of Adobe's InDesign Tools Palette for web-to-print products

As any long term user of Adobe's InDesign will tell you, the tool palette gets a lot of use. It's important to understand its basic functions in order to get the most out of your design project. If you're just beginning to learn your way around this design software, it can be helpful to know that hovering your mouse...

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Adobe's InDesign basics for commercial printing

If you're interested in learning Adobe's InDesign publishing software for web to print, print on demand or other commercial printing applications, setting a foundation in the basics of the software will pay off down the road. Knowing where the proper tools and functions for the job are located will ultimately save you...

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