Creating effective product packaging for your brand

You have the vision and the product, and now you need to bring it to life. One of the best ways to draw attention and retain customers is with creative brand packaging. Prisma is here to help make this process easy with our streamlined packaging services!

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Simplify your packaging needs with on-demand custom ordering

Do you ever wish there was a simpler way to create, proof, and order your company's product packaging? Gone are the days of going through multiple channels and sales representatives, order now directly with online print storefronts.

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Keep your virtual event “ConnectED” with creative packaging

Taking event marketing to an almost completely virtual level was a major part of the 2020 work year. 

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Innovative Marketing Solutions at Heart of Prisma Partner’s Holiday Campaign

Ranch-O-Gram promotion from Hidden Valley utilizes web-to-print technology to broad consumer fanbase for the first time

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2017 Holiday Box Contest

That's a wrap!

The holiday season has come to a close - which means it's time to share our 2017 Holiday Contest winners! This year, our Marketing department was hard at work brainstorming, concepting, and designing this project. It all began with a cookie...

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Employee spotlight: Chad Carmody

When it comes to helping customers get the best packaging for their product, Chad Carmody is Prisma’s go-to guy. Clearly, not all packaging is equal, and no one knows that better than Chad.

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