Strategy marketing 2

Data Analytics and B2C Marketing

Here’s to the Underdog

In a time where companies like Amazon and Walmart dominate retail markets, leveraging every penny of the marketing budget has become increasingly crucial for Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs). 

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The Power of Print and Digital Messages

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing And How to Best Combine Them

Chances are, your business is already utilizing both traditional marketing and digital marketing. But which is better? Which one should you focus on and why?

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Prisma Holiday Box Contest

The holidays are such a busy time of year, but it’s nice to indulge in the fun and festivities of the season. Here in sunny Phoenix, Arizona the scenery isn’t exactly a winter wonderland, but there are a lot of exciting things to see and do. That was the inspiration behind the 2016 Prisma holiday box and its...

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Helping Local Motors unveil Olli

We had a ton of fun working with Local Motors to execute an unveiling campaign for its newest endeavor, an electric minibus affectionately called Olli.

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Multichannel marketing campaigns: Direct mail


Multichannel marketing campaigns are effective in reaching clients and improving sales when executed effectively. As an important marketing channel, direct mail has some distinct advantages in multichannel marketing campaigns. Below are some helpful tips on how to get the most out of your direct mail in a...

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Using Pinterest for business


What is the first thing to come to mind when you hear the word Pinterest? Wedding ideas, latest trends and fashions, DIY (do it yourself) projects, and gourmet recipes may be a few common ones... but you probably didn’t think of analytics.

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QR codes: Print marketing

Online printing companies, retailers, and service providers alike have all heard of the QR Code by now, which enables a customer to scan a promotional code with their smartphone and instantly see the message your company is trying to display.

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Top tips for 2013: Marketing


Being a part of the marketing/creative industry in 2013 can be a fun and exciting position. Whether you’re pursuing Phoenix direct mail or are considering experimenting with QR codes, there are new and advanced technologies at your fingertips and various trends emerging on a daily basis. Needless to say, it can be...

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Our digital print company advances the technology behind direct mail

Trendy marketing strategies always seem to have a rather short lifespan. Prisma Graphic, a veteran digital print company, has watched these marketing schemes come and go through the years, investing in various marketing platforms which many digital printing companies cannot offer. We’ve witnessed a select few...

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