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5 Ways Web-to-Print Can Save Your Business Big Money

I bet we caught your attention with that headline.

Yes – a web-to-print solution can save your business significant money (and actually help make your life easier). It’s a no-brainer if your business has multiple retailers, franchises, office locations, restaurant locations, or distributors.

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6 Telltale Signs Your Business Needs a Web-to-Print Portal

How to analyze if a W2P portal is right for you

Just like when you’re hungry, your body has ways of telling you that it’s time to eat. Your stomach growls, it’s hard to focus, and you don’t have a lot of energy. Aka. Hangry 

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Accelerate your business strategy

Last week, we discussed different ways to tame your marketing budget. Another vital component to develop your marketing strategy is to adhere to solutions-oriented business tactics. Rather than focusing on the problem, it's time to shift your focus to the solution. You’ll reach goals faster and your decision-making...

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Web-to-print resources

Prisma Graphic is a firm believer in efficiency throughout the commercial printing process. Our web-to-print solution, DokShop, does exactly that - it streamlines the printing process from your desktop to our printing presses and back to the delivery of your final product.

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Web-to-print success story: W Hotels

A web-to-print solution is one of the most efficient ways to manage your commercial printing needs, while providing 24/7 support to your sales efforts. Prisma Graphic's proprietary web-to-print solution, which has evolved over the past 10 years, is DokShop. (Article about the benefits of web-to-print.) Instead of us...

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Web to print: online proofing

Often when we speak about web to print solutions and DokShop we tend to skip over one of the biggest benefits - online proofing.

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Print on demand

Print on demand is a very popular commercial print purchasing model for the past 15-years. The growth of this model can be directly attributed to advancements in the commercial printing industry. And, Prisma Graphic has led the industry in this area for many years. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment easily...

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Tips on selecting a commercial printing company

Knowing what to look for in a commercial printing company is extremely important. Whether you're the owner, a CMO, a graphic designer, an HR professional or in sales - using the wrong vendor can cost you a lot time and money.

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Web-to-print solutions: Is DokShop right for your business?

In 2001, Prisma created one of the most comprehensive web to print solutions in the commercial printing industry. Today, with over 200 storefronts and 40,000 worldwide users, this web-to-print marketing supply chain management system, DokShop, sets the standard. It is the perfect system if you are looking to save both...

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