Who won the Prisma snowflake contest?

A few weeks ago, we presented a challenge to our clients in our holiday gift: make us a snowflake. We gave everyone some pretty silver-white paper with a few folds and let them roll. In return, we received a flurry of flakes -- all unique, as a snowflake should be. The best snowflake would earn its maker and fellow coworkers a winter experience, with a value of $500.

Our judge was Jennifer Schaber of Flagstaff. Jennifer is currently a graphic designer responsible for advertising creative and branding for the Flagstaff Convention & Visitors Bureau. Prior to joining the CVB in 2006, Jennifer worked as an art director, designer, book designer and illustrator at advertising agencies in Arizona and Colorado. She's a woman who knows her snow!

So who had the best snowflake? Jennifer had such a difficult time deciding that she gave us her favorite in multiple categories. But first... the winner!

Prisma is happy to announce that the winner of the snowflake contest and recipient of a winter experience valued at $500 is...

Andy Barba_StrongMind

 Andy B. of StrongMind

Congratulations, Andy! You've won a winter experience for you and your coworkers, valued at $500. We'll contact you next week with more details.

Andy's snowflake is beautiful, but so were many others. Jennifer selected a second, third and fourth place winners. We've even got a tie for third!

In second place:

Adrianna Craff_InfusionSoft

Our tie for third:

Megan Lovino_Barrett Jackson

Loralee Grimmius_GCU

And finally, fourth place:

Victoria Richins_Hilton Tucson

We've got multiple honorable mentions as well. In no particular order:

Amanda Costanzi_GE Capital

Crystal_Stanley Security


Debra McKinion_Comm Air Force

Helene Korzeniewski_NBAZ


Rebecca Palacio_Hospice of the Valley

Sarah Mitchell_Pragmatic


Victoria R_Hilton Tucson

A few special mentions shouldn't be overlooked.

"Most Creative Use of a Snowflake":

Amand Barry - MTH - Snowflake Ballerina Princess

"Best Holiday Themed":


"Most Diabolical":

Alexis Higgins_Avnet

And, finally, Best "How Did They Do That?":


Thank you to all of our entrants. You made the first annual Prisma Snowflake Contest a great success. And congratulations again to Andy. We hope you and your coworkers enjoy your winter surprise.

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